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Maverick Systems, Inc. Custom Machine Vision and Remote Viewing


Maverick Systems, Inc.

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Maverick Systems Inc. is committed to excellence.


LabVIEW is a graphical programming language developed by the well known National Instruments Corp. (NI).  It gives the developer the ability to quickly and efficiently build software applications. This programming environment makes LabVIEW software development faster than conventional text based methods, saving the client time and money.


The benefits of LabVIEW development are three-fold. First, NI has developed and tested the subroutines so they are designed to work together. Secondly, the graphical nature of the software development environment that it creates is more intuitive to read than text based software listings. Lastly, the LabVIEW programming language has been designed to take advantage of the parallelism and speed of today's multi-core CPUs (again with no additional effort on the software developer's part).


Rockwell Automation RsLogix is a fast development environment for programming Allen Bradley PLCs. The combination provides for a production quality solution..



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